Trenchless Design has been providing engineering exclusively in the field of trenchless technology since 1994. We specialize in providing engineering and technical services for the rehabilitation of existing sewers, watermains and industrial pipelines by using only trenchless and no-dig approaches.

Technical assistance is provided to municipalities, engineers, installation contractors and manufacturers in the field of trenchless rehabilitation of existing pipelines. Project locations include Canada, USA and Mexico. Trenchless Design provides specifications, design, inspection, product & installation evaluation, quality assurance, product development and installation expertise in trenchless rehabilitation of pipelines.

In 2000, Trenchless Design shared in a Canadian Consulting Engineers Magazine Award of Merit for the Gloucester Street project, a full structural rehabilitation of 1.4 km of 900 mm (36") CI water supply pipeline in Ottawa, Canada.

We can bring extensive trenchless knowledge, experience and innovative approaches to your pipeline rehabilitation projects. You are invited to contact us.


Ian J. Doherty, P.Eng. is a registered professional engineer in Ontario and British Columbia. He has been a member of NASTT (North American Society for Trenchless Technology) since before 1995. He attended his first trenchless conference in 1988. Since then, he has presented papers on trenchless technology include at numerous NASTT No-Dig Conferences since 1995 as well as at UCT, CERIU and CATT conferences. He has specialized in trenchless technology since 1990 with twenty-five years extensive experience in sewer, watermain and process pipeline rehabilitation projects. In all he has 35 years plus experience in pipeline design, materials, manufacturing, installation and inspection. International trenchless experience includes projects in the USA and Mexico.

Ian Doherty is a co-author of the NASTT 's Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Best Practices Guidelines book.

After graduating from the University of Toronto in 1974 in mechanical engineering, Ian Doherty held positions with Canron Pipe, Maple Leaf Plastics, The Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association and Samuel Pipeliners. In 1994 he started Trenchless Design ( an engineering company focused solely on trenchless rehabilitation technology.

NASTT - North American Society for Trenchless Technology
CATT - Centre for the Advancement of Trenchless Technology